the sicknote diaries


‘The monkey and the gorillas’…..

so i hopped in the sickmobile with my new massive hair do and Smaragda snuggly asleep on my back… feeing good.

Johnny No-Cash and Dickie Balboa were in the front joking about my Marge Simpson hair do and i was calling them cunts. We picked up Doghouse, who took ages to come out of the house, and slotted himself in the motor with a bottle of vino and a smug grin…. think he may have got his end away last night, or was it dole day?

On the way to pick up The Filth we passed him walking down the street, screaming “KINNOCK!!!!” “CUNT!” “GAY! ” at him as we drove past. he caught us up and lobbed in the drum kit and off we headed to Swansea for our return to the Monkey Bar for WONKA VISION!!!!

“Get back on the drumkit you CUNT!”

we arrived early had a few beers and sound checked.. Crocker, our trusty bass goliath and sound man extraordinaire turned up as planned, we were in safe hands.

the Tribe arrived and everyone was in good spirits, a crate of bevvies were thrown at us by the main man Mr Fish and all was good… unfortunatley tho tonight i was DES. i was driving Tommy Tank and Ms Lajoie home. When the fuck did i agree to this, or more to the point, WHY!!!!
Our photographer and tribesman Rev Phil Dread walked over the stage at one point and caught a mic cable on his foot and apologized to the sound man down the Mic, to be replied with a flurry of abuse about how he might have FUCKED UP the entire gig(!)
Rev headed over to him a while later to apologize and the same soundman just told him to fuck off, and was a rude bastard to him. Worra cunt.
Anyway! Tommy Tank played a blinder and warmed every fucker up with some nice hard chunky beats.. the place was bouncing…..
then we got on stage and i thought i’d kick off with ‘Wrong’….
the repetitive muted guitar stroke repeating for ages and the atmosphere built, the room packed out.. and people were screaming.
bang, dropped it and instant mosh pit!! hand in the air people jumping – kicking.
Loads of girls got on stage and joined in the fun, and everyone was smiling and jumping!
Then this 3ft wide bouncer appeared from behind me and started throwing, literally throwing people off the stage. the vibe took a sharp dip.. as i watched in disbelief as this pumped up doscile prick threw girls off the stage completely blanking the fact he was walking in front of our singer and getting in the way and even threw someone into Filth’s brother in a wheelchair……. i approached him and said, “mate, it;s fine, leave them on stage.. it’s ok for them to dance here!!!”
He ignored me and contimued to throw girls off stage like they were bags of rubbish being dumped in a rubbish van.
An orange haired girl who was buzzzzzing and kept getting back up on stage grinning from ear to ear and was clearly having a great time, was finally grabbed by him, he dragged her across the stage and violently dragged through a fire exit and down some stairs.. the poor girls limbs were a flailing and she and eveyrone who witnessed it were in complete disbelief at this steroid ingested cunts animal-like aggression!!!
Then a 7ft bearded bouncer stood behind me….. he refused to let our photograper Rev on stage. I screamed at him, called him a cunt, and hurled a load of abuse at him, and he threatened to kick my head in and drag me outside. the place was fucking bouncing.. the bass rumbling. hands in the air… people were loving it.. the vibe was electric…..why were these dopey massive gorillas on our stage, being cunts………i have no idea!!!

The Waggas : Hardcore
we dropped the new tune. ‘Benefit Cheat‘ for the 2nd time ever… still taking shape.. still no idea what we are doing with it…….but fuck me, it is sounding HUGE…………
we stopped the set a bit short and got the fuck away from the security before it turned ugly…..
big shout to Mr Fish and James Wonk and to the entire Wonka Vision crew. And the Swansea tribe! Keep it SICK.
beat the music industry



remember that game?

You could store all your pieces back in the cogs so your opponent didn’t think you were doing well then when he frantically turned the cogs to get his last few pieces out, thinking he is about to win……….he releases all of yours for you in one go. Win.

Get your ammunition stored. Build it up. No matter if no-one notices, just keep building it up. When people find you through links from similar things…. all of your work will come to light and blow people’s minds.

the sicknote diaries


so we launch out new concept next week….. massive new song under contruction.. punk as fuck… and a design based on the Job Centre Plus logo…………..

It’s gonna be a budget t-shirt at around £8 and when you buy it you get the single FREE. and this is the only way you can get the tune… we think it;s gunna be huge!!! what;s your thoughts?


Make some room

pic by Kirstie Edmunds

You can try and get the thing you want frantically and stress yourself out when you keep failing. You couldn’t possibly try any harder and it just won’t come. Flapping around the place and pissing everybody off including yourself.

Make some room.

Take care of the small details and make room in your life for your desires to come to you.

It’s really simple concept but is hard to put into practise. We are so used to trying so hard to get what we want.

Try taking care of some of the small things that need sorting. Basic housekeeping.

“Fuck chasing the carrot, grow your own.”Ninjah

beat the music industry, creation

Trying to make it

what exactly are you trying to make? money? overnight fame? to be the next Specials? the next Lady Sovereign? Another Dubstep producer? the new indie sensation? are you hoping to suddenly be DISCOVERED?What if all the energy spent trying to make it went into being outstanding, original or brutally different?
Would that attract attention, an audience? Would it stand out more than some one shouting about themselves but having nothing new or exciting to offer?

how did they do it, the legends and stars of our time? Did they imitate? and then scream about how good they were? were they discovered, an overnight success?

or did they innovate and attract attention and build a business from scratch, increasing their fan-base over time and dripping their way to success?

hence so much dodgy music around at the moment, with no real stars, just hyped up losers that doesn’t make history, and this kills the innovation and creativity of our time…

Keep on keeping on. be yourself. push the boundaries in being different. Fuck them.

Here Seth Godin sums it up:
Hope and the magic lottery