my shit


three brand new tunes i have produced this week!!!!
get stuck in…(crank it up)
enjoy!! and let me know what yu think…

Sicknote vs My Bad Sister • The Freaks Come Out by Tantrum Records
Flapsandwich vs Captain Grimace • Uncle Kev by Tantrum Records
Flapsandwich – Death Race by FLAPSANDWICH

my shit

A Solstice in Solitude…

been a bit of a mental week. Had to close everyone out and unplug the phone and door buzzer and have one of those recluse times. Dunno if it’s the solstice or what it is. Maybe missing Glasto this year? Or some other shit. i wont BORE you with any more of that!!! fucknose.

Primal Scream were absolutely fucking amazing on Monday. An intimate show, playing the entire Screamadelica album in full. Amazing how they took the work of Andrew Weatherall, and recreated it live. the vibe was amazing and Bobbie Gillespie has to be one of my favourite front-men ever. Just a proper rock star. But you can feel his love. No hogging the songs and posing. Lots of space for other parts of the music, for it all to fit together and connect with your nugget. He occasionally leaves stage and allows the woman to have a few songs. He dances loads. And connects with the crowd. Fuckin brilliant. I think i understood one of my favourite bands even more now, I totally got them. Their encore included all their rock n roll type tunes like ‘Jail bird’, ‘Country Girl’ and ‘Get your Rocks Off’ to which i pogoed to the very front and joined the madness. Bobbie almost fell off the monitor speaker into my face but regained his balance. A venue packed full of 90s ravers i think. All danced to a long lost beat of love and ecstasy. Was great to get transported back to a special moment in time!

Since then i locked myself away in the studio working on a tune featuring My Bad Sister and possibly Doghouse, with a sample from Cevin Fisher‘s amazing ‘The Freaks Come Out’. Slowly coming together but I’m back to producing in Reason as my Ableton has fuckin died. Should be ready by the weekend…

Backed up all my data on my new 2TB hard drive too!! looking back at all the songs i have made, i listened to some of the very first… unfortunately the very first few have gone for ever thanks to a power surge that warped out my storage in 2003. Still bothers me to this day!!! CUNT! especially gutted about a tune called ‘Rollercoaster’ whish was fuckin brilliant and made on the Roland TB303 groovebox entirley. I made it in 1999 when i spent a snowy winter in a cottage in Llantrisant. Absolutely gutted to think I’ll never hear it again. Help me with that!??!? Or am i just a sentiMENTAL twat. Nostalgia probably making me think it’s more amazing than it really was. fucknose.

Anyway i came across a tune i had slapped together in June 2002 last night. I re-edited it and fattened up the sounds and put it together with a movie i remember my big brother showing me when i was young!!! Here you go, let us know your thoughts. Cheers

Andrew Weatherall’s amazing Starpower MIX MP3

my shit


it’s all been great the last few weeks, after my excursion to Portugal with Sicknote and immediate surprise adventure to the Island of Kos a week later. Been busy as shit since: making websites, songs, doing up Tantrum HQ, interspersed with some real kicking Sicknote gigs…..
The adventure in Greece became something of a journey of the soul, completely facing up to my past with some weird goings on in a sleeping volcano which had me confronting my inner brother. my twin. he has always been with me. Tristan, he came at the critical moment, when i had tried all i could try…… He was there. And then…….. more of this confusing epic another time. . I was anointed Flapsandwich The Greek God of Acid by my good friends Zeus and Poseidon, who i met after the long and arduous battle in Nisyros with the terrible beast that is Polyvotis.

ANYWAY, the complete adventure will appear on this blog soon with soundtrack.

And now… what have i got for you?

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