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Silent Rave…
we pulled in all the local safe promoters, Stevi flew in from a holiday in France and together we pulled off the gig of the year in just over a week…
CLASSIC… Altern8 and Skream slammed it and Tommy Tank stole the show… CLASSIC NIGHT…
broke even and gave Cardiff some much needed excitement…

here is everyone singing along to Skream’s heavy arsed remix of La Roux’s excellent ‘Going in for the Kill’:

Death Before Employment Tees
The T-shirt company fucked up the order, and the printers were late and everything was tits up but after werking my ass off today i got most of the orders in the post… and here’s mine:

the red and the pink ones look wicked too…
go get yours HERE…

all is set for our club to LAUNCH in Manchester this Thursday too… and we have to get up there in the morning to paint the fucking place(!), meet loadsa potential promoters, fit the stage, fit the PA and lights and launch on thursday.. fookinell.
FLAT OUT…! need a fucking break!
here is the official SUB promo image that we are gunna use… it’s from Stanton Warriors live at Sub29 in Cardiff last november:

the votes are in and LITTE ERIS has won!!!
more info to follow on the 12″ vinlyl release.

sicknote’s first ever album. it’s live. it’s messy. it’s banging. it’s retarded.
due out on Friday 1st May 2009…
but i’m painting in fucking Manchester, and 1 million other things.. and after drinking more last weekend than i have don in the last 3 years in total… i am strugglin… so the idea is we get it on sale on Friday… wrap up the artwerk Friday, get the final CD ready, etc etc sort the funding from somewhere… and get the fucker ready to post out rapido…Probably take PRE ORDERS from May 1st and have actual release date as MAY 14th…

and the gigs on the weekend were mental.. i mean MENTAL… i’ll write about those later..


to sum it all up here is a live version of HEADSHOT for you… bout sums it up.

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Tantrum Top 5 – April 15th!

the 5 top most listened to tracks on TANTRUM over the last week or so, click them to download for free:

Sicknote – death before employment

Sicknote – Death Before Employment (LoveGadgetsHateGizmos Remix)

Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH – Crimewave (Keìth Remix)

Daft Punk vs Flapsandwich – Work It

Wascal – TomTom

beat the music industry

The Level Playing Field

When the media run the world it was so easy to be ignored.

When certain scenes ran the media, they would leave you out, in order to push their own agenda.

The media is dying.

Everyone is on line.

Instead of the media deciding what they want the world to hear, now the people decide what they want to hear, themselves.

This is the best time in history to tell people your ideas. Never before has it been so easy for an idea to spread.
And it will spread by itself, if it’s worthy, as your fans will spread it for you.

my shit

Sicknote REMIX competition!!!

so the votes are coming in and it seems LITTLE ERIS, MILO FIREWATER and LOVEGADGETSHATEGIZMOS are flying ahead, leaving the others trailing!!!!!

i’ve just listened again and i have to say i think i love them all in different ways! how about you?

here is the link to listen and download all of them…


then vote for your fave in the poll to the right there>>>>>>>>>>>>>

it all ends in 2 weeks, when the remix with the most votes makes it onto the B-Side of the 12″ record.


catch us in swansea tonight – click HERE for more info.


the sicknote diaries

Sicknote show stopped again…

so the day had come of Mavis’ 40th and The Tantrum Records bash at The Globe

Sicknote headed down early and spirits were low, after a difficult winter and a series of shit gigs, all skint and struggling.
We sipped on a few free bevvy’s, sucked on a few rollies and played our favourite game ‘You Think You’ve Got It Bad’ – Which involves us taking it in turns to explain how bad our situations / how messed up our lives are.. starting each rant with the afore mentioned ‘you think you’ve got it bad’…

The doors opened and people flooded in…
The Nukes kicked things off with their shouty grungy punk and set the vibe for a mental evening.

The place rammed out pretty early on and by 9pm we were pretty much at capacity…

Next up it was birthday boy Mavis and the lovely Doz, the duo known as Clay Statues, who slaughtered the place with their DFA79 style attack, so much anger, energy, aggression, fun and owning the room… i fucking love it.
During their set, their friend Eggy threw a bog roll at them and was turfed out by a meat head bouncer. Towering at 7’4″, with a demented glint in his eye and all bald except one ginger pube sticking from his shiny scalp, the steroid ridden oaf lobbed poor Eggy on to the street.

As Henrys Funeral Shoe kicked the shit out of the soundsystem and had 100’s of people getting down to their shit kicking blues, we were outside trying to get Eggy back in. I mean… a bog roll?

Eggy: Armed and Dangerous

After half an hour of hundreds of people complaining and us being told we cannot undermine the bouncers i squawked into the managers face “ITS A FUCKING BOG ROLL!!! LET THE FUCKER BACK IN, OR SICKNOTE DONT PLAY AND WE TAKE EVERYONE WITH US”.

within 5 minutes Eggy was back in and Sicknote took to the stage. All a bit nervy, due to most of the gigs this year being shit, and following 3 intense performances from the other acts.

Doghouse announced that no one was allowed on stage except for Eggy and we slammed in with Inbred favourite ‘Gimme Dat Harp!

The place went nuts.

Spot Steve Sub & Dickie Balboa letting off!

We were joined on stage by Madame Boobsock and Auntie Septic, who haven’t made an appearance since Totaal Festival in Holland last summer. Another visitor to the stage was local artist / hornmeister Penny. She invaded the stage during ‘Sermon on the Mount‘, flying inbetween Dr Conker’s legs on her knees with her tits out. The Dr simulated various disgusting sex acts with her and the crowd stopped dancing and looked completely bemused. Why, oh why? We just don’t know. Mavis’ mum nearly fell off the balcony. And the management came over and pulled the plug, exclaiming that the neighbours were outside screaming, and if we played another song it was likely they would lose their license.

People screamed for more, but that was it. The plug was pulled.

drop us a comment below if you were there…

the sicknote diaries


official message from sicknote:


what the fuck is going on?

We have been told by the management of ‘PASSING CLOUDs’ in London that we are not allowed to play tonight.

When questioned why? The venue has responded “we do not want any punk or electro in our venue – and sorry for the short notice”

I MEAN FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pussies. thats 3 fucking venues BANNED us without us ever setting foot in there. what is this world coming to!!!!! what are they afraid of?????????????

so please would you be so kind, as to drop the management a little email or phone call and ask them just WHAT THE FUCK is going on here!!!???
020 7168 7146 / 07951 98 98 97