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Why you should switch off facebook NOW!

so it’s been over 3 weeks since i deleted my personal profile on Facebook…it was quite a big thing for me, as i remember being quite an early adopter of the site and was pretty alone there before all my mates turned up and then the rest of the world. It’s proven to be invaluable in helping me promote the band, and we have built a solid tribe thanks to it.

So i’m not dissing it really other than it seemed to be taking up all my fucking time!! and i stopped socialising in real life and was suddenly living this life of cryptic semi-witty bullshit statements that had no real feeling or meaning. Coupled with getting cheesed off with moaning bastards and people saying things they would NEVER say in real life i decided after many years to delete my history and profile…..


well it’s been great! The first week i was on holiday and didn’t miss it too much… i have had a lot of confused people posting on my fan page asking why they can’t get me, or message me, or i’m ignorant, or i’m selfish or piss-taking because i’m not on there anymore…. i think people are now realising i still exist and am contactable by phone and email! i sometimes feel a bit out of the loop with friends but there’s other ways to get in the picture. i’ve also been discovering other great tools on the internet and building my own web pages and reading more books.  And i’ve started to see people face to face a lot more and it feels great to drag your hunchbacked, saggy grey carcass away from the laptop and go and connect with the people you care about…

Today i saw some great people and got involved in some great conversations…. in particular i paid a visit to the legendary artist and all round visionary Norris Nuvo who shared with me his poem about facebook. I love it… He has given me permission to post it on my blog!!! you lucky people…. so here it is.. feel free to share it about the web but please credit him / link him up…..


Facebook Made me gay
I was trying to cure my sad addiction
To all the lies and egoistical fiction 
That filled up my days and hampered my life
So I turned off Facebook and talked to my wife
To my joy and amazement I found my contentment
Away from the sadfucks filled with resentment
Those habitual moaners , the self righteous ‘affronted’
Who sit at computers each night and get cunted
Now The Hippies are just so elitist and trite
With their trees and lentils and mother earth shite
Droning on and on about saving whatever
Chanting their chants and thinking they’re clever.
Shove political correctness right up your arse
It don’t fool no-one, it’s just a farce
Most people are cunts but pretend they are cool
When they look in the mirror they don’t see the fool
And those cunts who pretend to ‘care’ for the poor
And the starving and homeless and those killed by war
They profess to stand for the displaced, the loser
Yet spend less on helping than they spend in the boozer.
And those poor cancer victims rolled out for pity
And the ‘one liner’ status that some cunt finds witty
The bull-shit  that’s ranted about ‘how unfair’
Do these cunts think I actually care?
And the ‘ganja cures all’ folk who live in their heads
Who moan about baccy, coffee and Feds.
Virtual weed warriors, moaning ‘it’s wrong’
‘Postpone Revolution, lets do a bong’.
They call it medicine a panacea for all folk
But we all really know they just like to toke
And munch upon munchies and talk ‘Mary Jane’
And ponder and shuffle and make plans in vain.
And the Insipid sad fuckers typing away
Believing folk read the things that they say
Hundreds of ‘friends’ your ego to lick
To stop you from knowing that you are a prick
Thousands of pictures of all kinds of crap
Showing pointless people caught in the trap
Of Facebook ‘importance’ for me me me
But you have to switch of to be finally free.
Now I know I’ll lose ‘friends’ who won’t like what I’ve said
But I am not listening coz I have fucked off to bed
Norris Nuvo
beat the music industry

Chris Brogan’s tips on using Twitter…

yeh, Chris done a long post that looked into various styles of twittering, really interesting to see what;s effective… check it out HERE.

or here’s the breakdown:

  1. Don’t let your account die. Delete it, if you’ve abandoned the project.
  2. Make it about your audience.
  3. Engagement is not the same as bragging about yourself.
  4. The brands that act like humans get the most engagement.
  5. Spam people at your peril
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DRINK water – it sorts you right out!!!

i’ve been bobbled!

so i like to get a bit fucked at times and like to be sharp other times… but there is nothing like WATER to sort you out mentally and physically in all ways… i try to neck as much as i can in order to feel good and on the ball…. it definitley sharpens me up everytime i need to.

the cost of bottled water though is a complete joke….. especially as i like it when i’m on the road with the band…. and at service stations you can pay like £3 for a litre(!)… it’s widespread knowledge that there is more profit in water than there is in petrol these days. INSANE!!!

so we discovered a brand new invention to keep these chancing rip off merchants at bay…. it’s called the BOBBLE! i just bought a pink (magenta) one and it works a treat 🙂 i love it….

there is a built in filter system which is attached to the top. when you screw it on and begin drinking… VOILA! your water is filtered…. excellent.. just fill it up from any tap and game on. the filter needs to be replaced every 3 months or so… so for 3 months of clean water…. how much?

they cost £12. with free UK postage. BARGAIN….

go and get one HERE now….
i did and it’s mint 🙂

the sicknote diaries


photo by rev phil dread

been a while since we been on the road… we were picked up by Stevie G in the new SICKBUS about 2pm and we sped off thru the day towards Bognor Regis.

The van has been converted. It was the same one we all lied in the back of on the way to do the gig with Bez in Crook a few months back… but now Stevie G has had 6 seats fitted in the back. And it’s fucking ace. he plans on getting it soundproofed and adding beds and a Bass Bin. bring the new sickbus ..buzzing.

so in the van we had Johnny No-Cash and his nutty misses Ady HD, Sicknote hairdresser and make-up man and full on lech Vidal Babboon (aka. Baldie aka. Lionel), Dr Conker, Mrs Conker (aka Little g), the newest dancer to the troup Sister Sheep, The Filth, and me and Stevie G.

I didnt realise but Stevie had already been driving 4 hours+ before he picked us up, due to a shit plan the other end to pick up Filth and his kit in the arse end of no-where and driving into Swansea to pick up the Sheep. With a bit of planning we can make this whole operation a lot slicker…

I was in bit of a grump, coz of recent stresses with finances and shit… so didnt say much on the way, as everyone laughed, belched and swug away.
The only thing that half cracked a smile on my chubby frowny face was a car that overtook us, with a roaring engine, and…  a set of bollocks. yes. the owner had attached a set of balls to the back of his car.. fuckin wicked, i thought, the new Sickbus definitely needs a set of bollocks!!

We were greeted on the gate by none other than a spaced out stuttery, wobbly and wrecked Hobo Paul. Like a abused and dishevelled lab rat he wobbled over and declared he was Head Marhall for the festival and that there was a problem as there was another band on site already claiming to be Sicknote. We pissed ourselves and ignored him. Got our wristbands from a gurning Lou Disgrace, who was covred in eyelashes, make-up, sweat and glitter,  “you better be doing a flapsandwich set this weekend”, she quivvered…

Catch Pyro came over, mentioned it was his first festival he organised , Top bloke… he seemed on edge as i know i was when i was promoting big events.. which i may well be doing again REAL SOON!

The rest of the tribe showed up Flakey & Rev looking smiley, Keith It Real clutching a pint and beaming a crispy red, Doghouse and Dizzy looking like festival royalty, and Ricey, a muckr from my hometown of Brynmawr –  looking like a short fat Howard Marks in full tie-die hippie outfit and a T-shrirt announcing “MARIJUANA, well AT LEAST IT AINT CRACK” – a walking talking skunk-smelling advert and prime target for the pigs i rekon(!) We all gathered behind our tiny stage and necked some beers n shit.

Ruby from Boomtown was there and lobbed us on stage with a friendly smile, a lovely stage manager, one of the best…….. the stage was small but cosy. and as the festival was a bit quiet.. we played to a small hand full of people, who seemed to love it! bouncing all over the place… we were joined on stage by My Bad Sister, who had gaffa tapped up their nipples and were doing their freaky synchronised dancing routine with us.. also Gribly Grobbly the clown got on stage and and got a bit undressed..
it was the first time i tried out the new Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 soundcard…… it kicked out the sound like it’s never kicked before… to the point where we blew the fuckin monitors ending ‘Benefit Cheat’ a bit abrupt.

we managed to get one monitor back on, which enabled us to drop my fave, ‘Righteous’, to which i spied Flakey almost having an epileptic fit out front. Fingers flickering above her rapidly shaking head, hair flying everywhere and a huge knowing smile – eyes wide shut. wicked. a small mosh pit seemed to be whipping up down front… we dropped Pikey DnB and called it a day…

After the gig we checked out some Gabba and some Drum N Bass necked some cider ate a burger had a dance and i had a chat with none other than the Captain Grimace! He was happy with my Uncle Kev remix i done for him and was keen for me to remix ‘Swans Are Pricks’ and maybe help him with the soundtrack to his upcoming book and character launch for ‘Jonny Cock-Hands’. wicked.

Stevie G sed he was up for driving back… or we’d all end up sleeping in a freezing field with no tents! so  we darted off into the night. I slept most of the way and woke up in a right grump.. calling johnny and ady Dumb and Dumber.. and generally being an unsavoury cunt!  i need to cheer the fuck up!


making some space…

so, i set up a linkedin profile.
it requires you to list your current and past work / study / projects.
i’d recommend anyone who is serious about their business join up… it has helped me shape what is important to me, and put some perspective on projects i have left behind. it also has put me in touch with lots of other contacts.

so i have come to the decision to put some things behind me. i need to make space. the reason for making space? i don;t know… i still don’t know… i have sold 70% of my belongings and am trying to rid the of the rest… i have also now come to the conclusion that i would like to put the lid on some of the projects i am involved with….

so… after 3 years of promoting several artists, bands, djs and producers i have decided to put an end to Tantrum Records…

this leaves me with these projects that are current

1. Sicknote (band management)
2. Tantrum Promotions (occasional music events)
3. kweej (video production)
4. wickedlove (studio)

i have also been offered to run a venue, a small nightclub in the middle of Cardiff, which i think would help me to make an income and probably be a great experience but after some thought i am fairly certain it doesn’t fit in with my overall plan.

With the clear goal of getting the world to dance to a different beat… a new style.
i will be saying goodbye to Tantrum Records, and hello to more music / video production and promotion ideas.

there will be a few more releases on Tantrum in the next few weeks, including a Tommy Tank DJ set, the last few tunes on Remix Lab, Ninjah‘s debut album and our goodbye album COVERT SUBVERT vol. 2. which will include the likes of Slamfish, Me, Tianaman, Sicknote, Slamboree, Ratface, Vieka Plays, Pork Pie Rabbis, Foggerton , The Hot Water Bottles and some other exciting shit….. (all subject to  agreement from artists)

the Tantrum Records website and soundcloud will still offer all of the 300 (approx.) songs for FREE until the end of October 2011. at this time it will self distruct. Tantrum will be no more. so go along and help yourself to everything that is there.. or wait a few days until i get the ‘DOWNLOAD ENTIRE CATALOGUE’ button set up…. 😉

  Latest tracks by Tantrum Records

so why kill Tantrum Records?

i will write a post here soon, describing why.

my shit

Financial Ruin

I seem to be quantifying everything at the moment and it’s helping me get a much clearer picture as to where the fuck i am in life!!! i decided to do it on my blog as it’s there for posterity. not that anyone reads this, but if anyone decideds to look a bit deeper at what i’m about they can see. so… 
after getting an overview of part of my business TANTRUM RECORDS in the last post and realising its nothing but a big fat FAIL.. next up i thought i’d get a picture of my financial position down. i’m going to be completely honest and totally open here and put together ideas on how i can move forward from HERE!
where am i?
so i OWE out this:
hsbc: £6675.29
santander: £779.34
Welsh Water: £84.14
3: £367.15
Co-Op: £852.11
Egg: £2678
MBNA: £949.05
DWP: £109.90
Citi Bank: £3404.60
Council Tax: £1667
Gas / Lec: £250
TOTAL £17,816.58
a nice big fat debt. LOSER!!!!! most of these have been passed to debt collectors now.
how did i manage to run up such a big one? i remember the first time i got into debt was the year 2000. me and my ex Nikki had just been burgled in our lovely house in Llantrisant. She flipped out lost the plot, was really scared. i lent some money from my bank for a bond for us to move to Cardiff…
Over the next 11 years i went through several major mental collapses, life changes, experimnents, businesses, gambles, habits, travels and generally fucked up life experiences.
Much of the money i used to live on while in desperate times. headfucked times. 
A lot of it was used for business ideas / fails.
And a chunk of it i got out to pull a friend out of some trouble he was in, but he never paid it back.
what do I do?
Firstly… can i pay it back?
At the moment the answer is simply NO.
my income is shit. and there is no income. (will share that shit soon) so i need a plan. 
1. go Bankrupt
2. fucknose.
3. i dunno!!
help !!! HELP!!!
will write more on this soon. any ideas welcomed.