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Breaking on Through the Creative Block

After the demise of Sicknote and the loss of many friends, a lonely 2014 and a total head fuck, i struggled to get creative. The main focus and the main passion and my raison d’etre had disappeared. After so many years giving every waking moment to that i was completely lost. In 2015 i plan to turn that around. I am going to produce music and experiment in many new projects and throw myself into the unknown.

I love the Doors. I thought remixing them would be blasphemy. but i had a play around. Yesterday i decided to finish up Break On Through which has been half finished on my hard drive for most of 2014… but in the spirit of my new years resolution, i decided to upload it even though i wasnt 100% happy with it… Overcoming this need for perfection which seems to hold me back. This is the 3rd song i’ve finished this year so far. i’ll keep posting things up as i do them and also talk about my new process (in another post – don’t wanna bore you here). So here it is, i shouldn’t have gone there, but i did, and the reactions huge, so fuck it. ENJOY!

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Brilliant Glaswegian band THE GIROBABIES got the RERUB treatment a coupla years ago. It’s had more youtube hits than any of my Re-Rubs….  lots of people been asking for a download so here ya go!!

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