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been blogging less and less and now getting addicted to ‘microblogging’ – fucknose.

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here is a little tune i released yesterday as a free download… enjoy:

my shit


so the arrival to Santiago is where i got up to on the last blog post.. i feel like i somehow lost it in my writing as with the laptop dead, i had no way to lose myself in it fully and relied on trying to recapture my experience weeks later in internet cafes. i tried the usual pen and paper approach and found i dont get on with it…. i love to draw and make notes.. but i couldnt get the stories of my experience down as i like to edit so much.

anyways i have been home about a month now i guess. I am going to finish up the Camino story as there were an extra 3 intense days where i walked to Finisterra, The End of The World! and met some more interesting people, i wont publish it on the blog you’ll have to get the book! The whole story will be an ebook and limited edition print – illustrated by Norris Nuvo. It will be out sometime soon i’ll keep you posted.

Since being home i rented myself a new studio with no internet with the purpose of spending every day making music and working on various projects. I have named it ‘wickedlove‘ studio. its amazing and i love spending time making noise and making plans there.. i have just got everything in there and will post up some photos of the room in a few days… for now here is my 1st release from the studio.

You can download this free until Monday, when we will be throwing a big party in Cardiff for the Jubilee.

Catch you soon.