the sicknote diaries

Phone In Sick 2012 @ The Globe, Cardiff

So the Phone In Sick Party was a massive success even with the problems which arose prior to the event, with my flat flooding, the after party venue (the lovely Netty’s shop) burning down, people bad mouthing us and scaring the venue into nearly cancelling the gig and then finally The Filth phoning in sick as his new baby was imminent!!! All pretty stressful but we slotted in stand in drummer Matt FUOD who had never played with us before and we ran through 2 songs just before the doors opened and BANG!!! the venue filled to capacity in no time with smiling happy faces from all across the UK.

A great night was had by all with Aceeater getting the place buzzing and a nice set from DJ Tommy Tank and Shaun Feral Disco… then My Bad Sister caused a bit of a stir in their warm up slot… Conker was missing and had been on a complete BENDER over the previous few weeks boshing all sorts of shit and generally completely off it and had decided no one was allowed to talk in his company only himself and if anyone disobeyed him he ejected them from his house. He regularly declared that he was diagnosed as a genius by the family doctor at the age of 5 and he hadn’t sleep in days and we were all a bit worried…

We started the gig without him thinking he’s either totally lost it and is banged up somewhere or he thinks he is so important he can turn up whenever the fuck he likes. The latter proved to be right as we stopped the music during the second track and the crowd parted to make way for his royal highness Dr Conker.. he was sporting some fucked-up make up with a zip that was half opened round his head… and was completely off his tits. He grabbed the mic and started squawking into it about random shit but held it so far from his trap no one could understand him, aside from the people at the front who looked completely baffled as he whipped himself into a frenzy about all the things he hates… and the fact he has secured an American tour for us (which turns out to be true!) he then went on a politcial rant about Plaid Cymru and half the punks in the event left immediately.

Doghouse grabbed the mic back and we smashed fuck out of the place for the remainder of the night.. it’s a real shame the place closed down early and the bouncer stopped lettting people in at 1am… but spirits were high and everyone went back to various houses in the area to carry on the madnesss. Doghouse’s bedroom was host to a plethora of freaks who danced well into the following Tuesday led by the warped and legendary front-man throwing shapes incessantly in a baby grow and none other than Colonel Puddinghead on the decks (now known merely as ‘Pud’ after his demotion)!

The gig marked the start of a 10 week break for the band, returning with a flurry of gigs in Portugal in April.

although i was a bit disappointed with the soundsystem in The Globe, the venue was awesome and the staff great, also the soundman Mr Jake Tilley done a fantasic recording of our gig and mixed and mastered the entire mess just for you.

go grab a copy here (pay what you want).