the sicknote diaries

Sicknote : TJ’s, Newport: 11/10/08: by Penny Wainright

A shambolic triumph!

Utter chaos! That’s the way to describe Sicknote’s end of summer Holy Trinity Tour which culminated in an evening of bad timing, missed cues and botched improvisation.

Following London band Toy Toy, who gave a good performance, and Delinquent Dancers which was billed as Burlesque but was anything but, Sicknote took to the TJ’s stage which has helped propel many bands and artists into the limelight.

Opening with the dancefloor fave “Romance”, the crowd were immediately crazy for the Sicknote sound and the mentalist antics of Dr. Comker and lead man Doghouse. It didn’t take long for the whole thing to take a downward spiral with mic stands being knocked over onto feedback monitors causing the weirdest feedback and adding to the wacky noises eminating from Flapsandwich’s laptop, to visuals man P&O and drummer Filth writhing around grappling on the stage floor in a fit of love and hate. The crowd couldn’t get enough! The inevitable ensued with a stage invasion long before the set had finished.
A sensible bouncer, decked out in furry blue coat and a rather fetching easter bonnet, managed to clear the stage for at least ten minutes!

Cock up after cock up followed, but it mattered not a jot! Each song was greeted with shouts and screams and manic applause, beer flying over the heads of the audience and everyone loving it.

The madness continued, it being Doghouse’s birthday; he was out to enjoy himself at any cost, the cost being a mis-timed crowd dive by the delta blues man himself, straight through the middle of the crowd and onto the floor. Undeterred, he did it again, this time being caught, cradled and loved by the punters being crushed into a rickety stage barrier.
The band played on.

Two encores later, the set wrapped up with the ever popular if now out – dated Taxi For Mr. Blair. Enter stage left the compere for the evening who was speechless except for a stream of expletives to the effect that he had never seen the likes of such utter chaos at TJ’s in all his time as the intro man.

Some kind of shouting debate was occurring just off stage; Flapmeister had unplugged his faithful and treasured laptop, then realization dawned with a little help from the Sicknote stalkers shouting “DEATH! DEATH! You haven’t played DEATH!”.

Back to the stage, laptop plugged in, Doghouse back on the mic, Filth almost at his drums on time, the finale saw a breathtaking rendition of Sicknote’s manifesto mantra “Death Before Employment” lift the crowd to a state not yet achieved all evening.

So in terms of performance, Sicknote have played many a better gig, most memorables being Workhouse Festival, Nozstock Festival, Celtic Blue Rock Festival, Thimbleberry Festival, and Totaal in Holland, but Sicknote are more than a festival band. If they can manage to keep their heads together over the coming years, we will see them propelled onto the club scene with new numbers like Death and Burden, and they will undoubtedly play to full, larger capacity venues all over the UK and there can be no surprise if they take Europe by the sweatys too.

Sicknote are fresh. Each new tune is fresh. Every show is different, and their sound and image is unique. This band, one of the hardest working in the UK, will be headlining bigger venues and taking to the main stages of summer festivals in the coming years.

the sicknote diaries

Thimbleberry…and Conkers Bday…

i forgot most of this now.
so heres what i rememebr:

Tog took 4 hours to collect Dog n Filth in the hired minibus and turned up with a Massive dent in the side.

I threw Filth across the minibus after an hour of him groping me and squawkng in my face…

Conker slipped into the Khole – SLIPPing down the back of Gee’s seat like a demented slug……

and disappeared under his seat with faint yelps coming from the back “help ” “help” we turned rounfd and he was stuck firmly under his seat with his cartoon-monster like arm protruding and griping the seat. Filth pulled him out and he his head floated up to the cieling like a helium ballooon with his retarded Edvarn Munch like mad face stuck on it.

i litereally pissed myself.

after fuckin HOURS in the bus Tog got us lost.
we found a pissed bloke in a small village who got in the van. we named him “Als Birthday Present” just before doghouse belched”Are you comfortable with your sexuality :” at him….

we arrived to a mad stinking party which if you imagine pouring a truck load of ketamine onto the fragle rock set and pullin all their teeth out and sticking 20k of techno in their faces/../….you are getting somewhere near.

Spoke to Merv from Eat Static who confrmed that Craig is in fact a roadie and he talked about producing us and releasing our album – all sounded very promising….
The party descended into a load of MASH heads dancing to whacky shit 70s music , beegees and shit… i fucked off to the van with dickie. we threw the hitchiker into Filths tent and gave him P&Os sleeping bag. flaked out.

the weekend passed and dghouse was wankered. trying to pull everything that breathed and boshin shit like no fuckers bizzness.. he ate a hot chilli pepper nearly exploded then fell asleep in a portaloo. rock n fucking roll.
he turned up just in time for the show and
we played a shit gig to a MASSIVE crowd who seemed to love it.. FUC/K NOSe why… we have steadily got fucking worse over the last year!!!!!

freezed my nips off and after another 10 hours in the van got home to gimp boy tommy in bed when he was being paid by me to run my night in GLo . not happy.

ah well.


lessons learned:

1. Never let Tog drive again. (he likes to get wankered anyway!- so stick with the live recordings)
2. Never let Tog or Filth navigate EVER again.
3. Try and arrive on day of gig as the band are HIGH on that night and normally hanging night after.
4. Try and keep Dohouse backstage until the show for maximum impact.
5. Never expect Tommy to be on time.

the sicknote diaries

West Wales

so we head off to Camarthen on Friday and land in The Waterside again after 2 years absence..

Doughouse put on his boxing glove and slipped into character, twatting people and causing the usual havoc.. we played a great show with Freshold supporting, they were ok – got a good reception although i found the jamiroquai wannabe rapper dude a bit irritating…

we headed off to matt vinyls with a crate in hand..

he brought us into his music room which consisted of a a FAT vinyl collection some proper bud and a set of decks. SAFE/

throuh out the night we listened to him get more and more excited as we got more and more wasted as he played us all his favourite music. sicknote began to drop like flies… one by one moving upstairs to crash.. suddenly it was me, dog, matt and half a crate of lager.

mat introduced me to Ninja Sonik and Th Death Set wich i really loved and got me excited about where music is going he played some wicked electronic shit and redefined to me what ELECTRO PUNK is… i have a head full of ideas now.

i thought im gunna have a toke for the first time in ears and do that crate in. 11am i crashed out. gettinf up at 1.

back into the dickmobile and we headed off. it seemed strange but without Filth in the front we seemed to have NO problem with directions or wrong turning or getting lost or taking FUCkING ages gettiing anywhere…

stopped off in Lampeter at Dai’s cafe had a fat brekky each, picked up a huge funeral hat for Doghous and headed off for THE RARE ONE in Aberystwyth,,,

after a quick sound check we realsied it was the same people who dun the sound in Small Nations Festival which is probably the fattest sound we’ve ever had. SAAAAFe.

we were all a bit wasted and after an average performance and a fucking huge bouncing crowd in front of us i finally relaxed.

other acts on the night were FUOD, Anomalies and X-PRESS 2 – top night all round really!

dog pulled and got a bit mingin in the changin room, nowhe thinks he’s bastard Pete Stringfellow. conker had two girls trying to bonk him much to his disgust…and jonny failed agin… filth shot off to his nans and we all headed back at 3am…

in an absoulte fucking monsoooon. we risked our lives in dickies ice cream van… and fucknose how we got home alive… i couldnt see a ucking thing out the window as we swerved all over the fucking place finally arrive home at 8am.

fucking shit blog- i cant write anymore.

the sicknote diaries

sick update

So.. we are coming to the end of The Holy Trinity Tour…which has seen us play almost every weekend since April…
and what a great summer its been… with almost selling out of The Holy Trinity EP and Sermon on the Mount firmly etched onto the festival scene’s consciousness…
things are looking up.

As ive always been worried about being branded as a festival band timing couldn’t hav been better for us to drop ‘Death Before Empoyment’. our clubbiest track to date… by offering the seperate files out for remixers the track seems to be gaining momentum with the original already becoming many people’s fave sickote track and many exciting remixes underway as we speak including the legenday Tayo having a pop at it.
This should swing sicknote into Clubland and help us to crack that scene with a bit of luck.

my shit

jooles the helmet

i just watch​ed jools​ holla​nd and what a sack of shit.​.​.​

stree​ts were about​ as excit​ing as watch​ing my nan makin​g a cup of tea.

Sea Sick Steve​?​ well not bad like,​ but your blata​ntly the produ​ct of a massi​ve marke​ting scam.​

boy georg​e?​ well,​ fat man georg​e,​ get back on the fucki​ng decks​ for fucks​ake.​

kaise​r chief​s?​ there​s more perso​nalit​y in my left bollo​ck than there​ is in your entir​e back catal​ogue.​

tv on the radio​?​ um, WHaT THE FUc K was THAT?​!​

joole​s.​ well,​ your just a helme​t,​ fairp​lay.​

FUUUU​UUCCC​CKKKK​KK OOOOF​FFFFF​FFF!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​