my shit

belgium chocalte, madamoiselle?

yIP indeedy doo.

we’re off to belgium tonight…
im hanging, i hardly slept last night. after a shite gog in the welsh club, where it felt like we were playing a sample of a fridge to a morgue.
i felt like i was losing the fucking plot.
sicknote feels dead. and im so fucking skint. cant stop fucking moaning right now.
woke up feeling a bit better, and no longer on the verge of a breakdown…

had lunch wiv doghouse and met sian…. got the flyers for my birthday – they look wikkid…

off to see The Physicists now (QUALITY) and then meet vik with flyers then off to belgium, cant talk now

my shit

Pick Ya Lip Up

im fucking pissed off. my room is a fucking tip, and im on the verge of bankrupsy. i need cash. ive had a poxy rediculopus income for 5 years now, after giving up my well paid job to get into what i loved – music.
but im so skint its doing me in… my debts are over 11 grand and alls on top as fuck at mo…

didnt watch borat yesterday, ended up looking into my finances and getting really depressed. ended up arguing with maja, she left all upset and then she come back and we watched Shaun of the Dead. and Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind… WHAT A FUCKING FILM…..

I think the mdma has sapped me of all my seratonin, i feel sad.

Gonna tidy my room, bath, goto charity shop and get some weird clothes for tonight, and then sort some new tunes on my laptop for tonight,,, just to inject some excitement back into this project – all the excitement that nick and alka have sucked out of it, by being childish cunts.

Im feeling like shit today. think i need something. not sure what. a kick up the arse?

my shit


woke up with paul (peach) ringing me saying the flyers were going to print for my 30th birthday bash..
gonna be tidy i reckon:

bit of a minging hangover… but that soon passed as i lay cwtched up to maja thinking how nice it is to have FUCK ALL to do!

well, there’s lots to do. but fuck it, im having some chill time.

gonna watch the BORAT i reckon today after a fat brekky…

also planned to meet my LILLETH tonight, Nikki G – my ex, we aint seen each other in ages, but she’s the closest i’ve ever been to another human. she fucked me up a few years ago and ive only just got over it…

Also had invite from Kath Click for an Italian for her birthday, which i should go to.

but all i wanna do is go to cinema, then eat, then bath, then switch off and do fuck all. Got a big gig tomorrow in CLWB,,,

my shit


ok. its tuesday. november the summink.
im 30 in a few weeks. fucking 30. sheeeeeeeee-ite muslim.

im old.

i feel like i did when i was 19.
just fatter and hairier.

tonight i have a night on in callaghans in cardiff.
me and my flat mate matt (aka dj tommy tank) run a weekly night called MOiST?
its a VJ / DJ affair, thats really interesting, but a bit up and down.
its in its 5th week.
Last week we had a special with Sicknote
(my band) and we brought a band over from Germany called Warren Suicide.
It was Halloween and the place was rammed.
everone dressed up and everyone had a top night…

Im feeling run down, tired, and generally munting at the mo.

there’s been a lot of troubles within the band lately that have left me in a delapidated state.
and the mountain of mdma i boshed on saturday probably didnt help either….

im off to wash, and matts just given me one of his special coffees so that should kick in soon and off we go, vinyl in hand to entertain the punters of cardiff.

its tuesday for fucks sake! does anyone want to be entertained? i dont. nor do i want to entertain…

a few guinesses and im sure ill perk up… get into the tunes…

i’ll let you know how it went…

my shit

HELLO and welcome to my stupid arsed blog

im gonna use this blogger as a place to vent my thoughts and feelings on things.
also im gonna document the rise (or fall) of my band Sicknote.
im also gonna talk about what i get up to – gigs i go to, and places i visit and people i see.
obviously i have to keep some things secret just in case you read it and i talk about you.
but i aim to be honest.

bla bla bla bla bla…