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Local Label Offers Entire Catalogue for FREE


Local Label Offers Entire Catalogue for FREE to beat the credit crunch!
And it’s no April Fools!

Today local Cardiff business, Tantrum Records, have declared they are now a completely FREE record label.

There is much arguing within the music industry about free music, with Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ and Prince’s newspaper release of his latest album, some would say this signified the end for the selling of music. Tantrum disagree with these sentiments and say this is the most exciting time to be in music, and have declared themselves as the first completely free record label, using a business model known as ‘Freemium’.

“With more people listening to more music in more ways than ever, there has never been a better time in the history of the music business, if your goal is to spread your music”, said Jason Phillips, one part of the collective of Tantrum Records.
“People are moaning about the loss of income through music sales and the devaluing of music, but we see this as the ideal opportunity to put the music out there, and remove all barriers in helping it spread.”

The freemium business model was articulated by venture capitalist Fred Wilson on 23 March 2006:

“Give your service away for free… acquire a lot of customers very efficiently through word of mouth, referral networks, organic search marketing, etc., then offer premium priced value added services or an enhanced version of your service to your customer base.”

To keep the business alive and pay for studio time and promotion of the label, the bands sell extremely popular t-shirts, vinyl and collector’s box sets.

TANTRUM have been throwing some pretty mean parties in the capital for a few years now.
Bringing in acts as diverse as Stanton Warriors and Utah Saints to Battles and Dub Pistols, but always with a firm supporting hand extended out to local interesting live bands and djs. Now with the support for getting the act’s heard internationally, Tantrum are ready to help put Cardiff firmly on the musical map.

April Fools Day sees the release of Sicknote’s DEATH BEFORE EMPLOYMENT, and the release of the entire TANTRUM back catalogue for completely free at

you can also check Tantrum Records showcase at The Globe, Albany Road, Cardiff this Saturday 4th April, with Henry’s Funeral Shoe, Sicknote, Clay Statues and The Nukes, and yes, that’s a free party too!

for further information:
Jason Phillips: 07757823368
Steve Bines: 07866891153


beat the music industry

Scarce vs Free

above: Knuckles RIP

to make something spread you need to remove all barriers in getting it. right?
or maybe not?
What about making something completely unavailable?
Make people curious, does that help ideas spread better?

so this experiment is to see which creates the most buzz.

So today i will talk about a track that is unavailable… a Sicknote track. I’m going to use this one:

BANKMAN SKANK , quite fitting with the current state of the country!!!

So, this, which has a bit of a reggae feel, i believe doesn’t exist anywhere on the interweb… it’s a bit different for Sicknote.
It will appear on ‘EPIDEMIC’, the live album which is due out on May 1st…

I will talk about it on facebook and stuff and see if i can get people excited as much as they do when we just give a track away freely.

So.,.. BANKMAN SKANK, sicknote go reggae? maybe not////
watch this space it’s coming soon…

i will compare the results to recent freebie Pikey Drum n Bass which we banged out for free.
Check back in a day or two and i’ll update you. X

any thoughts or opinions on this greatly welcomed as i am absolutely clueless what to think on this…




the transition takes time…
White flabby cave dwelling hunch back to bronze athletic trojan horse…
This isn’t instant. This takes months of enjoying the sun and adapting and changing, moving more and eating different.

The same goes for your work. When you change your focus, it takes time to adapt.

When you have too many goals, it’s worse than having none.
When you have to constantly change your mindset to focus on different tasks and goals, it takes time. The transition takes up time and energy.

A far better way of working is to set 1 target. Achieve it. Move onto the next.
This way, you can still have several goals, but you waste much less time in the transition period.

beat the music industry

FRIGGING! – the new gig strategy


FRIG – a GIG which is FREE entry with income generated from other avenues, such as sponsorship or cut of the bar profit.

this is an idea that i have tried out a few times to great effect.
the idea was born from knowing MANY MANY skint people. who just simply cant afford entry prices on a lot of the gigs happening in my home town, and probably wouldn’t risk paying entry fee for an act they didnt know.

so, in 2006 i tried out the concept, booking a 1000 capacity venue, i put it to the test.
I made the event FREE. the line up was full of fairly unkown acts and i managed to get a sponsorship from a local music shop called Only 1 Music. They gave me £700 which paid for my flyers and all of my PA and lighting costs.
The venue hire fee was £1000. After a bit of bartering i managed to score a deal:if the bar took less then 5k, i would pay £1000 (which i never had!), if the bar took over 5k i would get the venue for FREE. if it took 10k i would get a kick back on the bar. 
I told all the bands that i had penciled in, about my concept, and that the party was FREE and there was no money, but would be a great promo exercise.

All of the acts agreed to go with it. Apart from one local promoter, who pulled out because he thought i was crazy and a band from out of town who demanded £300.

I had a nervous breakdown in the lead up to the event. and everybody and i mean EVERYBODY told me i was mental and shouldnt do it, coz it was a bit of a jump up from the usual size venues i’d promoted in.

The gig was a massive success. 1200 people turned up and people couldn’t get in.
The bar took over 12k, i paid everyone who needed to be paid and managed to just breakeven. And in the process i had put my band on a massive stage, through a 20k rig in front of 1000 people and helped give exposure to many other local bands and DJs.

This is Frigging in action.

We repeated the concept with an event ‘FREE 4 ALL’, in the same venue, again to great success. We have done similar things in various other venues, again, all to great success. and the venue each time, always very happy!

Now, after many conversations with new local venue, The Globe, they have offered us their venue for Free for the 4th April. the deal here? I told bands they do it for nowt. the venue keep the bar take (no kick backs for our efforts), and we organise and promote the whole thing for nothing…

in time, when people realise this is a good way of working, i will be able to make deals where beers are supplied by the venue for the bands, and i get a cut of the bar take to help pay bands a little and pay me a little. But at the moment in the current mind set of the way gigs are organised, The Globe think they are doing me a favour. If i had more time on my hands i could probably get a local sponsor to help out with some of the costs too. Anyway I’ll let you know how this goes!

Instead of trying to sell unknown bands to punters.
What i am suggesting you do is sell punters to venues. Change the focus. Swing those doors open, generate a buzz and ask the venue to share some of that profit!!!

please share your thoughts below.