so, having an idea don’t mean shit.
executing ideas and following them through means everything.

people steal ideas all the time, do them better or more aggressively than the creator did, and bingo.

you have to get through the dip and ensure you commit to your ideas til the end, before moving on to the next one. Having too many ideas can be dangerous.

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the 25 things thing…

i weren’t gunna do it, but then everybody was doing it, so i thought i’d bang one out, so here it is:

1. i am a fucking confused human that does not understand itself 1 bit.
2. i started DJing when i was 12.
3. i grew up in Brynmawr.
4. patriotism bores me.
5. i used to be a salesman, earned a wedge, and had a company car.
6. i got deported from turkey in 2003.
7. i walked across spain to sort my head out in 2004.
8. i have had no income for several years now.
9. i live with Cosmo, Tommy Tank and Gustav the cat.
10. i have delusions of grandeur, and am a complete megalomaniac.
11. i suffer from nostalgia and miss everyone and everything that has passed.
12. my twin died at birth.
13. i am quite shy but feel better when hiding under my ridiculous fringe.
14. i love playing live with my band more than anything else.
15. i often jump into situations i later regret.
16. when i was a kid i wanted to be a burgler when i grew up.
17. i once spent 3 months in Africa helping a poor community.
18. i disagree with medication for problems of the mind.
19. i shat myself on ketamine at glastonbury once.
20. i have loads of people offering help for tantrum, and i find it impossible to delegate.
21. i am completely obsessive in every sense of the word.
22. i need to be left alone a lot to achieve equilibrium (or summink).
23. i have a problem with anyone who receives funding and does not affect people’s lives in a positive way.
24. i am a complete and utter skeptic, but total full-on optimist.
25. i have a recurrent murder dream, that makes no sense to me, scares the shit out of me, but i get a kick out of it.

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Tears For Fears – Mad World

We been playing about in the Lab over the last few days…
and we kept listening to Gary Jules’ version of the Tear For Fears 80’s classic, Mad World.
What a fucking tune…

We have decided to put out a Sicknote cover version of this tune as it seems to be striking a chord with us so much.

Look out for a FREE download coming in the next week or so, the only way you can get this is by subscribing to Tantrum.


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I Want Your Soul

Here is a Sicknote track that has never been performed live, never given any promo and is a sort of beast within it’s on right.
This is the song which P&O managed to delete all the files for, causing me to almost toss him and his lap top into the river Taff.
It took ages to form and work and rework, and we were never sure of the end result, but after listening with Doghouse last night, we decided to push it out there, and the reaction has been cool. It features Doghouse’s 5 year old daughter (pictured) on backing vocals and sounds like nowt else out there, of that we are sure. So here is your free download:

Sicknote – I Want Your Soul

Or support us and go buy The Holy Trinity EP here or grab yourself a copy of the track from itunes.


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Death Before Employment

Here is Doghouse presenting his recent masterpiece!

So the art work is done!
The track has been been brought back into the Lab as we are going to rework it, make it FATTER, add a naughty breakbeat, make a DJ friendly version, collate all the remixes and send it all into Tommy Tank for remastering.

The tour dates are slotting in and all will be announced soon.

All you folk who are out of work will receive free entry to the gigs on this tour.
All we ask is for you to show your sick note or a dole book or something on the door and you’re in.

The single plus all its remixes will be released April 1st 2009. as completely FREE download.
Alternatively, you can obtain a password which will enable you to order one of 200 limited edition DEATH BEFORE EMPLOYMENT PACKs which will include a Death Tee, a Tantrum stencil, a printed copy of ‘The Abolition of Work’ by Bob Black and a copy of one of the numbered & signed DEATH BEFORE EMPLOYMENT cds.
More info to follow, somewhere!

beat the music industry

10,001 hours

Malcolm Galdwell (or is it Gladwell?) wrote in his recent book ‘Outliers’ that we must put 10,000 hours into our chosen profession in order to master it.
Seth Godin said before Malcolm that it takes 10 years. Which is probably about the same.

The great example in Outliers is The Beatles, who when leaving for Germany were a fairly shit band, according to one source, and upon returning were world class.
This was largely down to the amount of time they spent performing live on stage, doing 7 hours every night as the house band in a strip club or something, in Hamburg and after a ridiculous amount of gigs spent performing and jamming and practicing and pleasing crowds they became world famous and are still the most loved band of all time.

With so many distractions and so many of us trying to do so much it’s hard to focus in on one thing and give it the time it needs in order for us to master it.
Simplifying what we do and tearing back the layers until we find our true core desire enables us to decide what one thing we should be building up the hours on, and without distraction and with complete demented obsessiveness we can realise our most far-out and completely ridiculous dreams.

other people's shit

Album Review: Diplo – Decent Work For Decent Pay : Selected Works Vol. 1

Diplo (fomerly Diplodicus) has been upsetting me for a litle while now.

What i don’t understand is how the new album can be causing such a stir… can anybody fill me in?
I have tried, but the VERY title of the fucking thing sets me off. i mean decent work for decent pay?! work and pay? is that how he views his profession. Looking back into the origins of dance music, and the emergence of acid house and club culture, one of the most exciting movements in recent history and here we have this plum, chucking out lame, half-arsed, uninspired remixes of other people’s music and claiming it decent work and sitting back and collecting his decent pay… pffft.

Then i look on Hype Machine and every fucking day he;s up there, getting blogged about and loved and played, i click the PLAY button thinking maybe this one will be a gem, but it’s just always the same…

Sorry Diplo if you’re reading mate, but i need more convincing.

I see the fucking album ads EVERYWHERE! does it need that much pushing onto us? Surely it will be massive without the ads?

Anyways i’ll calm the fuck down, but in homage to Diplo i have retitled my debut album:

Tidy Work for Shit Pay: Selected Works Vol. 1

this will be released as a limited FREE download at a SURPRISE date, you can get yout filthy mitts on a copy by joining the TANTRUM mailing list.

So Diplo, sorry mate, i’ve listened and i’ve tried and i am extremely bored.
If you disagree then please leave me some comments to help convince me otherwsie.. or even better a link to a song that’s ‘DECENT’?


1 Flap out of 10