I played a DJ set on Wednesday in 10 Feet Tall in Cardiff for the NO NATO night organised by my flat mate and local celebrity anarchist, Cosmo.
I was supporting amazing acts Mr Vast and the unbelievably talented Clayton Blizzard, who’s CD i bought and love!

I got on the decks about 11pm and smashed out a massive set and managed to clear the place. I ended up rocking the room of exactly NO BODY until midnight, absolutely loving it! As there was no crowd i felt the freedom to experiment. I sneakily recorded it and i have to admit it’s all over the fucking place. I was on one. Dropping Gary Glitter and Thom Yorke in the mix with lots of deep technoey shit and never really settling on a direction. I was in two minds on whether to make it public but i thought FUCK IT.

3d Penguin tries his new stilts


here is the mix, it’s completely FREE! Once you have the music, if you like it, please share! share! share! and spread it as far as you can…. i’m on a mission to build a tribe of flappy ravers so i can eventually go out and play to massive crowds instead of just to a Welsh bemused barman!

Direct download CLICK ME

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Thanks for your support… enjoy.

my shit

Get Yer FLaPS aROUND this FrEE w0nky DJ Set