Sleaford Mods Cardiff


Sleaford Mods live in CF10 Cardiff Uni. This venue is a total pile of shit. Only the first 2 rows could see / hear anything and the stage was 12 feet away, separated by a barrier which served to make us feel we were watching the band in a goldfish bowl. The first rows were loving the gig, and even dancing. The rest of the venue was packed with old punks with their misses on one arm and a pint of bitter in the other, nodding along to the dirty grooves of Andrew Fearn’s laptop. A friend who had travlled hundreds of miles slipped in front of the barrier to get a photo and was tossed out onto the street by the meat head bouncers.

I managed to fight my way to the front and worked my self up into a sweaty heap. During a toilet break i noticed how packed the venue was with Sicknote fans. and it took me a good 15 minutes to piss, after catching up with many old faces i aint seen since the ascension of Dr Conker.

I got in the mosh pit for one last bounce, this time to the excellent TWEET TWEET TWEET.

On the way out i thought, you know, i dont drink anymore, so it wont hurt to spend a few quid on my fave new band. I kitted myself out with a banging new Tshirt and Vinyl… the Excellent Chubbed Up + LP. RECOMMENDED.

when i got home, still buzzin, i dug out a video i had stole off youtube of Jason Williamson, the front man, having a rant for the NME Christmas Message. I remember thinking i should put it to music when i first heard it back in December. So i chopped him up and made this bouncy electro tune.

After tweeting the band several times to see if they minded if i uploaded it, i was getting no reply. i didnt wanna get on their tits as i knew they were on tour so i just left the vid on my hardrive, gagging to share it, but held out. Then they dropped me a reply one night…..

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 18.31.10

so i whack it up on youtube and soundcloud as a little freebie and it quickly became the most viewed thing on Tantrum Youtube Channel this year.

hope you like it. looking for more shit to remix / collab with. any suggestions drop in the comments below. nice one THANKS for listening

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Dirty Cash

loved working the rugby saturday. selling scarves at cardiff smelly market, helping keep all the little round welshies warm in the stadium. a few quid in the back burner. never seen cardiff so rammed and mental. buzzing. hundred thousand drunk people. craziness. finally escaped the madness and hopped on the train…
arrived in the silent country and took the short crisp cold starry walk to my missus’s cottage. we watched this amazing film where billy conolly plays david tennants dying dad called ‘what we done on our holiday’. Well worth a look! brilliant. sunday it was day of the MAM, we ate so much we rolled around crying for a few hours. flup. followed by a two hour food coma.

i been thinking about money lately. dirty cash. the only money i ever really made in music has been a regular tickle from playing live gigs with my band Sicknote over the years. The merchandise takings always went back into the pot to pay for more new merch, or if there was a surplus we might take a bonus now and again.
but what about the actual music? does it pay? no! not so far. i have given my music away since forever. never ever charging a penny for downloads of any of the sounds i have made right from before the days of sicknote, all the songs i made for the band, all the collaborations, side projects, remixes and solo tunes and recent experiments.
until two weeks ago. i started a new bandcamp pro account which allows people to pay whatever they like for my music. i uploaded a few things i have worked on recently. theres still loads to upload but i made a start to see if anyone would, after years of gettin my music for free, suddenly be up for paying me something. its a test. i felt like maybe its too late, everyone is used to having it for free now. but woah! and behold! some kind people donated me £69. nice! (coincidently exactly what i paid for my mams mothers day meal!) so, thats £35 a week. ok not gonna break the bank or let me retire, however, to me in my current situation this is a massive help!!! as an artist making art who values my time above all else and every penny is a huge help. i would like to thank every single person who donated. if i earned this every week i would have more time to put into making new songs and videos and less time worrying about my landlord and debt collectors. and working the myriad of shit job i have done in the last year or so.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 11.33.11

performance is where the money is. but not really done much of that since the band went. but am slowly getting out there again playing me own tunes and yes…. a new live act…. a new band….
but if i can get a trickle coming in from the music it can afford me the time i need. so thanks for supporting me and please keep it up, by either whckin the donate button on the top of this page or paying whatever you like for the music i put here.

back in the studio today buzzing with ideas. and itching to get a live act together. missing that buzzzz….if you are a drummer / singer / dancer / film maker / clown / freak / producer / guitarist / performer or if you got any ideas and fancy having some fun get in touch:

watch this space!

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i woke up and ran for the bathroom. i was violently sick. i laid on the floor, my head on the toilet set. . acidic phlegm stretched from my lips to the yellow pool below. i groaned. cleaned my teeth. then chucked again.

i threw on some clothes from the floor, and hobbled to the Farmers Market to buy my veg for the week. Ninjah was there. Drumming and rapping in my face. “Get out of the way or i’m gonna spew all over you.”

I waddled home. Sick again. Onesie. Bed. Slept til tuesday.

Then i set up my studio in bed.

My ears were blocked. My eyes were crying. My nose was full. My limbs were dead. I had no energy and i was grey / yellow.

I got to work. Sleep. Techno. Sleep. Techno. Soup. Techno. Sleep.

A week later i was better. DJ Tommy Tank kindly mastered the tunes. I uploaded the work.  Some of the maddest shit i’ve ever made- 4 tracks now known as the ‘Deathbed Confessions’ EP. You can listen to them all on youtube below. or just download the tunes HERE. (pay whatever you like (from 0p – £1.9million)).


Thanks for listening. I am better now, and am currently writing a piece for piano. A challenge from a friend. Can’t play piano though. Don’t know what i’m doing. I’ll let you know how i get on. ENJOY the new tunes and let me know ya thoughts.

heres the link to the brand new Bandcamp where everything is PAY WHAT YOU LIKE download! slowly uploading the back catalogue.


Thanks for all the donations, means a lot and means i can put more time into mad musical projects! Thank You.



my shit



When i was 11 days old i was sat on the sofa at home chilling with a spliff and some spaghetti alphabetti on toast, when this bunch of toe rags came on the telly and started swearing. My mam started cryin and my Grandad wrote to Points of View.

37 years passed. and then last night i decided to destroy the infamous, era changing, interview with Bill Grundy.

here is the video, with special guest appearance from The Golden Sisters!!!

download the tune free here:


listen / download for free all 6 songs here: #666remixproject

thanks for listening.

ENJOY! SHARE if you LIKE it. nice one. x

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What the fuck is this Axiom 23 thing

Just what is this all about? I have no idea. It was a vague plan to pull together a set of rules to restrict the creative process to see what interesting things might come. The project aim is to improve my abilities in my passion as a producer by committing to create 23 brand new songs in 23 consecutive days . And this is the only rule i started with. I meant to write a load more rules before i started, but it seems to be forming into an exercise in breaking all rules that i have built up over my time as a producer…

How does it work and what is the point?

Well, im finding out as i go along. Im just finishing up my 14th track in 14 days and its been a mental journey so far. Its proving to be a great way of dealing with all the demons in the way of me making the music i want to make.

Its helping me in

  • organising myself.
  • asserting myself to people who want to drain me.
  • mixing music better.
  • listening better.
  • prioritising my creative work.
  • cleaning my studio.
  • establishing a routine.
  • trying new things.
  • dedicating myself to my work.
  • letting go of songs.
  • delving deeper into the creative process.
  • getting into the zone / flow.
  • understanding inspiration and where it lives.
  • exploring new worlds.
  • dealing with embarrassment.
  • highlighting my problem areas in mixing.
  • falling out with everyone.
  • improving skills.
  • getting into the moment.

23 tracks at around 5 minutes each, all fit quite nicely on a free soundcloud account… so i recommend this project to any producers out there… just begin, and get going with a fresh tune a day. Obviously they arent going to be masterpieces, but its not about that. Forget the feedback, just get them up there and move on. So far there are no rules other than finishing one a day and breaking as many of your habits as possible and establishing your Ritual (more on that later).

ultimatley, my aim is to make sounds like no one has ever heard and become the best producer i can possibly be. Theres something about making the music public as well, its like it sounds completely different as soon as its up there. And suddenly you hear it properly for the first time – but i enforced a rule that says once its uploaded you have to move on, and trust me, this has been hard as i really wanted to go back and sort the crappy ones out! But no, its more important to have your shit on show and get used to the feelings and live with the mistakes. Practicing in public advances you quicker in your passion than any other way.

I will describe Axiom 23 in much better detail when i reach the finish line just before my birthday.

Here are my tunes so far…


The notion that I do my work here, now, like this, even when I do not feel like it, and especially when I do not feel like it, is very important. Because lots and lots of people are creative when they feel like it, but you are only going to become a professional if you do it when you don’t feel like it. And that emotional waiver is why this is your work and not your hobby.”

– Seth Godin


The God, The Hero and The Cameraman

Are you honestly expressing yourself in your work?

The problem in expressing ourselves honestly is we can often get in the way of expressing things that live far below consciousness. Something more real and often much more honest. Myths used stories to express the inexpressible, and maybe this could be a good way to go with our creative works.

I was surprised to hear Thom Yorke, who i felt must be the most honest portrayer of emotion in modern music, admit that he spends most of his time trying not to be himself in his songs.

“The voices on Karma Police, Paranoid Android and Climbing up the Walls are all different personas. I think Lucky, the lyric and the way it’s sung, is really positive, really exciting. No Surprises is someone who’s trying hard to keep it together but can’t. Electioneering is a preacher ranting in front of a bank of microphones.”
– Thom Yorke, Radiohead

Instead of expressing yourself when creating, it can be powerful to take on the 3 following roles…..

Firstly be God, or The Creator. Your role is to invent a scenario and a hero. This can be anything. This is easy. Go bat shit crazy… anything goes!

Secondly be the Hero, or the main character in your creation. Doesn’t have to be a Hero, could be someone in deep despair, maybe The Protagonist wold be a more accurate word. This can be difficult to become. The only way is to fully let go. Become them and express yourself as though you are them. You need to empty yourself and make sure there is no one to disturb you as you fully express them through you. As an alternative, you could ask somebody else to become The Hero in your creation and save the embarrassment.

The third person you will have to become is The Cameraman to capture everything in your chosen format, ie. words, music, painting, film etc. . You have to record this marvellous scene as faithfully as you possibly can, being careful not to worry what other people might think – just capturing it in your way!  As The Cameraman, you can have personality and a way of recording this world in your own way while staying true to everything you witness.

So can you be three people at once? Could this be the key to creation on a deeper level. .

“It was like there’s a secret camera in a room and it’s watching the character who walks in – a different character for each song. The camera’s not quite me. It’s neutral, emotionless, but not emotionless at all. In fact, the very opposite.” – Thom Yorke


And so, i thought it was time to try this out. Every song i have ever written or produced has been written from my perspective as a DJ, and written with a dance floor in mind – with everybody dancing and letting go and having a right old jolly time. So i thought id try to change this for the first time and so i added a few tweaks to my boring dance floor…

A working mans club, like Phoenix Nights. On the stage was a dead rotting Elvis in all-in-one white suite with tassels, he was pouting, with a finger pointed in the air. His band was made up of other famous dead musicians and they did not give a shit! They were here to have fun, and why the hell not – theyre fucking dead! I then pictured the crowd… they were all the people i have known in my life who have died. My Grandad sipping a John Smiths, Good friends and family drinking, smoking, chatting, smiling. They looked relaxed as they enjoyed the ambience and the band are ready to go. God presents The Deadbeats live at The Afterlife Club tonight!

In trying to become The Hero – a Dead Fat Zombie Elvis,  i banged out a song – really rough and quick. Its pretty terrible listening back,  but its all in the spirit of experimentation. I recorded and mixed the track as The Cameraman, trying to captured the vibe of the place, with all the rotting dead people dancing and getting down. This resulted in a strange tune called The Dance of Death by The Deadbeats. It’s totally ridiculous but was a heap of fun to make and has thrown me into a new way of creating.

I am now experimenting with this idea of creating from new worlds  –  experiments in musical myth, watch this space.

Tonight Matthew……. I am……… GOD!

“Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming ‘sub-creator’ and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Our myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbour, while materialistic ‘progress’ leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of the power of evil.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien