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Thinking the other day, what do i love about this place, Cardiff, i been living in for 13 years?
‘Fuck all’ sprung to mind initially. But, you know, it’s that sort of thinking that makes a place shit. Manchester and Bristol and Berlin are legendary because when you go there everyone bigs it up, they love it, accept it, with all it’s flaws and this attitude makes the place fucking buzz and grow. Even if it is a shit hole, the attitude seems to overcome, and ignite a magic into the streets and minds of everyone who visits.

Lots of people you talk to in Cardiff say it’s shit, i’ve been guilty of it myself. I’ve had my ups and downs here, made lots of enemies and lots of great friends. Organised hundreds of events and been lucky to have been involved with some amazing people and projects.


Maybe it’s time to big up our City and learn to love the place where we reside. Put this place on the map, as the friendliest and most unique place in the UK, The capital city of Wales. A fucking gem….. With friendly weird folks, huge parks, wonderful street characters, independent businesses, local artists and bands, arcades and markets, people from all over the world, loads of graffiti popping up and more and more people organising their own stuff. Our city is full of character, let’s hope it keeps growing that way……

Welcome to Planet Cardiff.

check out the new shizzle i been working on with my mate here…


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